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Creation and Evidence of God from Science

Basing on the official definition by the Science Council in London, Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge and understanding of the Natural and Social world following a Systematic methodology based on Evidence.

As a Research Scientist I submit to you that everything we see in the Universe, the world, life forms and energy for life do adhere to these 4 principles to qualify as science!

And... since science is neither guess work nor occurring by mere chance, without doubt God is the Creator of Science, and the Life-saving Herbs & Water H2O and the Amazing Therapeutical Molecular Hydrogen H2 are the Creation of GOD!

Watch this video titled: Science Has Found Evidence of God!


And also this video, and question your own intelligent mind if such complex network & structures of the Universe and the human body (and of course including all other live forms) could evolve themselves out of nothing and are not created by the Supreme God!

The Water and Herbs of Life!
Dr Pierre CHENXU (DBA, DNM, PhD)
Quantum Natural Medicine Doctor
Research Scientist

Moleclar Hydrogen Foundation (MHF)-Certified H2 Consultant

Water and Herbs of Life

I treat chronic degenerative diseases by blending Eastern Chinese Meridian Energy philosophy with Quantum Holistic Science using my proprietary concoction of Herbal Essential Oils - by appointment only.

Please purchase Voucher HERE or email me at foodasmed@gmail.com details of your current condition with your name and a valid contact number before appointment date.

Dr Pierre CHENXU (DBA, DNM, PhD)
Quantum Natural Medicine Doctor
Principal/Quantum Health International Institute
Research Scientist
Moleclar Hydrogen Foundation (MHF)-Certified H2 Consultant

If there is NO Plant and NO Water there is NO life; If there is NO Knowledge of Herbs & Spices and Healthful Water there are NO Healthy Lives!

Herbs and Spices

All herbs and spices originate from flowers, fruits, seeds, barks, leaves, and roots. Most of us add herbs and spices to recipes and culinary creations, unaware of their many health benefits, while improving the taste of foods.

Herbs and Spices possess antibacterial and antiviral properties and many are high in B-vitamins and trace minerals. Most herbs and spices also contain more disease-fighting antioxidants than fruits and vegetables.

The problem is that the most potent and healthy herbs are rarely used, mainly from lack of knowledge about them.

With over 3 decades of handling and formulating our proprietary range of International Award-winning Holistic Herbal Cosmeceuticals Skin Blemish Treatment products and non radiation-induced procedures coupled with Dr Pierre's broad knowedge in Eastern and Western Medicine and Quantum Science, we have developed another Uique and Efficacious proprietary Herbal H2 Therapy Treatment Protocol and Supplements for various forms of Skin/Complexion blemishes and Health conditions, as below:

- Autoimmune Diseases 自身免疫性疾病
- Overweight/Obesity 超重/肥胖
- Hyper-pigmentation 黑斑
- Osteoarthritis 关节炎
- Alzheimer 痴呆症
- Psoriasis 牛皮癣
- Diabetes 糖尿病
- Eczema 湿疹
- Cancer 癌症
- Acne 暗疮

This is our 100% Pure Hokkaido Antler-shaped Reishi (Lingzhi) which contains 6 times more potent ß-Glucan per 100g than any other brands of Lingzhi!

Lingzhi has been scientifically proven worldwide as nature's most potent health booster & overall conditioner, and is often associated with longevity, youthfulness, & vitality.




The remaining Dr Pierre range of Herbal Supplements will soon be posted here, after our new packaging is done!

Importance of Water

An adult’s body has a total average of about 60% water.

The Liver comprises about 68% water in weight, up to about 83% found in the Kidney and in the blood each. And even the skeleton and adipose tissue (which is fat), has 22% and 10% water respectively!

Surely, you can now appreciate that drinking healthful water is highly essential and vital.

Facts of water:

* It is One of the most important substances on earth
* All plants and animals must have it to survive
* It is the Most essential elements to everyone’s health
* The Body has a specific drought management system to prevent dehydration

Other uses are:
- Cooking
- Washing – hair & body, clothes, drains, house areas, cooking and eating utensils etc
- Recreation – example. swimming pools

Below are Quantum Scientific Facts:

* Water molecule has memory
* Intention (from thoughts, speech, acts) influences water quality, in the form of water crystal shapes
* The unseen force (voice vibration alone) could break a glass.
* Everyone has free-radicals in the body
* Alkaline diet is healthy – Rich in antioxidants
* Too much meat is acidic and leads to oxidative stress and more free radicals
* Free radicals are common outcome of normal aerobic cellular metabolism, on top of environmental causes
* Incorporation of free radicals from environment leads to neuro-degeneration
* Intention (from thoughts, speech, acts) influences water quality, as depicted in the form of water crystal shapes, as proposed by the late Dr Emoto
* Extensive research during the last two decades revealed that continued oxidative stress can lead to chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurological and pulmonary diseases - Source: <http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2990475/>

In a study called "Acid pH in Tumours and its Potential for Therapeutic Exploitation" published in August 1989 in Perspectives in Cancer Research, measurement of pH in tissue showed that the microenvironment in tumours is generally more acidic (Lower pH) than in normal tissues.

But this doesn’t mean that drinking Alkaline water is a sure-fire to rid Cancer. There are more factors involved than just Alkaline water (which simply means higher pH). I will elaborate more on pH and other important properties of Water Here!

Here are Images of 7 water crystal shapes following words of blessings or word of curses
- by the late Dr Emoto

Water Crystal Shapes

Energiearmes wasser – Low Energy water.
Destilliertes Wasser – Distilled water.
Normales wasser – Normal water.
Informiertes wasser – informed water.
Wasser aus der Quelle von Lourdes - Water from the spring at Lourdes.
Leitungswasser plus Chakra.set - Tap water plus Chakra.set
Leitungswasser plus 7 spin ceramic - Tap water plus 7 spin ceramichere.

BEV standards for water purity and biocompatibility

Louis-Claude Vincent

This is the late Louis-Claude Vincent (1906-1988), the Water engineer & chief hydrologist in France and the Founder of bio-electronics in 1948.

Professor Vincent proposed the 3 key values of water purity and bio-compatibility, known as B.E.V., an Acronym for "Bio-Electronic Vincent"

Bio-electronic Vincent is an instrument used to measure his proposed 3 key values of purity and biocompatibility of water.

Prof. Vincent found populations with alkaline and oxidized tap water tended to have greater incidence of cancers and thrombosis. So, even alkaline water can lead to higher incidence of cancer. I've found that alkaline water can also be oxidative, as in some bottled waters.

Note: This cross-correlational study does not provide a proven cause-effect relationship, BUT… suggests a connection, pointing towards tendencies, and-or increased risks.

He revealed a set of optimal values at the intersection of pH, rH2, and resistivity that was determined to be the most bio compatible for the human organism

- pH
- rH2
- Resistivity

Let me address each of the standards set by Professor Vincent.

pH is an indication of the water’s Acid-Alkaline value from 0 to14. Seven being neutral. Below 7 is acidic, and above 7 is Alkaline.

rH2  refers to Relative Hydrogen Score – it’s a calculated value of true oxidation-reduction
potential and reveals the vitality or energy potential of the water, with a Scale from 0 to 42.

28 = Mid-point.
>28 = Oxidizing.
<28 = Reducing.
0 - 24 = Best for human consumption.

Last, but not least, Resistivity (R) (which is the opposite of conductance) refers to the amount of dissolved inorganic solids. The higher the resistivity value, the cleaner the water.

I submit to you that The Best water for Drinking is Hydrogen Water (AKA Hydrogenated Water).

Hydrogenated water is simply water that contains dissolved hydrogen gas – H2.

Wow! You may wonder “Isn’t hydrogen gas explosive?”

Yes, it is VERY explosive. Hydrogen is the most energy-densed molecule by mass.  

But, when Hydrogen gas is dissolved in water it is not explosive at all!

You may wonder also: Doesn’t water, H2O already have hydrogen?

Well, the water molecule has two hydrogen atoms, chemically bound to the oxygen atom.

This is different from the hydrogen gas molecule (H2), which is just two hydrogen atoms bound only to each other.

Likewise, we can’t breathe oxygen from water, because the oxygen is chemically bound in the water molecule.

These are the properties of Hydrogen water:

+ Strong Alkaline pH (up to pH9.5) - due to reduced H+ to form H2.

+ High Negative ORP reading

+ DeClustering - Smaller clusters. Normal tap water has larger clusters of molecules, thus less wetting capability (leading to difficulties in cell hydration).

+ Relative Hydrogen Score, rH2 - <28 (the lesser the better).

+ Resistivity R - the higher the better (that is: less dissolved contaminates & cleaner water), BUT not too high, until almost all minerals are filtered off.

Thus, Quality Healthful Water Must Have these 5 Properties:

* Strong Alkaline pH (up to pH9.5 - higher than pH9.5 is not advisable for daily consumption)
* High Negative ORP reading
* DeClustering
* rH2 <28.
* R is high

There is a plethora of positive anecdotal claims about drinking Alkaline water for the Best of Health.

This is untrue! One single determinant by pH is not the decisive factor!

pH is only a measure of the potential Hydrogen protons H+ in a solution – the higher the pH the lesser the Hydrogen protons H+, and the lower the pH the higher the Hydrogen protons H+.

So, you can conclude that increased Hydrogen protons H+ in a solution (with a Low pH) is Acidic, thus, NOT conducive for health.

Moreover, Alkaline and Alkalinity refer to 2 different properties. Alkaline refers to a solution with a pH higher than 7, While Alkalinity refers to a solution’s ability to buffer (or neutralise) acid.

Water can be Alkaline but weak in Alkalinity. The opposite is also true.

Note, however, that the Therapeutic benefits, in what is referred to as Alkaline water is not from increased pH, BUT... from therapeutically abundant dissolved Molecular Hydrogen gas in the water. But... NOT all Alkaline waters (bottled or generated by any water generator) contain any Molecular Hydrogen gas H2, or an adequate therapeutical amount of H2 that could last till you bring to your gym or your work place.

Molecular Hydrogen H2 has been shown in over 350 studies to have positive effects on 150 different human diseases!

Comparing the relative size of molecular hydrogen, H2 (having only 0.74 Angstrom or 0.074 nano) to the other antioxidants, H2 has a ratio of 2:176 of Vit C; 2:290 of Catechin; 2:309 of Glutathione; 2:431 of Vit E and 2:863 of Coenzyme Q10!







1798: The medicinal properties of molecular hydrogen was first promoted

1975: Baylor University and Texas A&M published an article on the potential use of molecular hydrogen in medicine in the premier peer-reviewed journal of Science

2007: an article was published in Nature Medicine on selective antioxidant properties and antiapoptotic (anti-cell death) activity of molecular hydrogen

You would appreciate that Hydrogen is the most powerful Antioxidant available, because of its fractional nano size which can penetrate deeply into the cells and mitochondria, thereby achieving optimum hydration, and because of its ability in scavenging selectively only cytotoxic free radicals in damaged Mitochondrial DNA (leaving essential radicals, like nitric oxide alone)!

4 Myths (Misconceptions) to be Corrected

1) ROS is bad and the more antioxidants the better

Oxidative stress is correlated with aging and the standard American diet. While Oxidative Stress from ROS is often the culprit to health issues, one may also suffer from Reductive Stress. A recent study demonstrates that although ROS may have negative side effects at high levels, they are also important biological signaling molecules that exert therapeutic and protective effects against diseases, and play a pivotal role in mediating the benefits of exercise. ROS production in the mitochondria also involves in cell signal transduction.

There are 2 opposing forces in biological systems (like how the YingYang philosophy explains): oxidative stress and reductive stress. Thus, it is possible to have reductive stress in one system, and oxidative stress in another. Reductive stress will manifest when the concentrations of reducing (antioxidising) agents exceeds that of oxidizing agents. Reductive stress may also partly explain why high doses of conventional antioxidant supplements may increase cardiovascular disease, cancer and absolute mortality.

While exercise drastically increases the levels of ROS and consequent oxidative stress, it is well known that exercise exerts potent therapeutic and protective effects. Research has demonstrated that one of the reasons why regular exercise exerts these therapeutic effects is because it upregulates the body’s endogenous (originated within cells) antioxidant activity, which reduces the absolute risk of cellular injury by oxidative stress.

Furthermore, exercise-induced ROS formation enhances insulin sensitivity, and the pathway is blocked by ingestion of high amounts of conventional antioxidants like vitamin C and E.

So, consume molecular hydrogen H2, as H2 only neutralizes the cytotoxic non-signaling ROS.

2) Free radicals are all Poitively-charged

Although, there are some organic molecular cations and reactive nitrogen species that have radical character, positively-charged free radicals in biological systems are rare.

The fact is that most biological free radicals are negative or neutral.

Hydrogen peroxide, peroxide, peroxynitrite, hypochlorite follow the octet rule, BUT are not free radicals because they do not have unpaired electrons.

3) All Antioxidant are Negatively-charged

There are a few, but most of them are neutral.

It seems that most people teach that hydroxide (OH-) is an antioxidant. This false teaching probably stems from the following 4 perspectives:

a) The widely-held belief in the fallacy that antioxidants are negative whereas free radicals are positive, coupled with the fact that hydroxide (OH–) has a negative charge.

b) Alkaline ionized water has a high pH and thus contains more hydroxides (OH–) ions, which are negatively-charged

c) Alkaline ionized water does exhibit a negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and therefore has antioxidant activity

d) The fact that molecular hydrogen (H2) was not recognized as the reason for the –ORP, the antioxidant activity and the therapeutic effects until about 2007, which means ionized water was marketed decades before the proof of H2 was established.

The belief that hydroxide, or even just water itself, is the antioxidant is considered pseudoscience, as there is no truth to it.

4) Acid and Alkaline pH correspond to Free radical and Antioxidant respectively

This begs the question, what about ascorbic acid, which is the epitome of both an acid and an antioxidant! In fact, most fruits, which are high in antioxidants, are quite acidic (pH 1-5).

The fact is that pH and free radicals are really different chemical reactions. One is acid/base chemistry, and the other is oxidation/reduction chemistry. If something is acidic, it means it has a greater H+ ion concentration (By the way, the H+ influence in pH reading is actually from H3O+). Remember free radicals are chemical species with an UNPAIRED electron; notice that the H+ ion doesn’t even have an electron! It's a PROTON! By this reason alone, it is clear that this entire notion is flawed.


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Dr Pierre's Herbal H2Therapy is all that you need to regain a disease-free healthy body!


Dr Pierre CHENXU (DBA, DNM, PhD)
Quantum Natural Medicine Doctor
Principal, Quantum Health International Institute
Research Scientist
Moleclar Hydrogen Foundation (MHF)-Certified H2 Consultant
AAMA-Board-Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner (AMP)
AADP-Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner


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