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About Us

Quantum Health International Institute is founded by Dr Pierre Chenxu with the objective of promoting holistic health, diet, nutrition, wellness, beauty, mind & body consciousness based on Quantum Science Philosophy.

We offer Quantum Holistic Health education to children, as young as 4 up to the elderlies through Dr Pierre's and IMM Joshua Koh's hands-on workshops and courses. We promise you lots of vibrant, fun, energetic practical sessions that both your kids and you would want more.

As an AAMA board-certified Alternative Medical Practitioner (AMP) and AADP-Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Dr Pierre also offers private services for health conditions druglessly.

Our mission is to spread a deeper global understanding on quantum energy and consciousness, and how it impacts our bodies.

Dr Pierre's Herbal H2Therapy is all that you need to regain a disease-free healthy body!


Our hardwork pays with the following International awards:


Recipient of:
7th & 9th Europe Awards for Quality '93 & '95 - Paris
22nd International Award for Best Trade Name '97
International Award for Commercial Prestige 2000

Our Achievements:


1979: 1st to organize a wide-scale Beauty Congress & conducting Professional Beauty Treatment Courses to churn out Professional Aestheticiennes, in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

1981: 1st to organize a wide-scale Aesthetics Acupuncture Congress and conducting Aesthetics Acupuncture Courses for Professional Aestheticiennes.

a. 1st to Research, Develop and Manufacture a wide range of Herbal Skin Care & Acne Treatment Products for skin flaws such as Seborrhea, Pigmentation, Acne, Acne Scars etc..., when every other company was still importing and marketing products without a clear understanding on their suitability.

b. 1st to Develop and Manufacture Eye Gel and Face Gel long before they became popular now.

c. 1st to Develop and Manufacture Facial Scrubs using smooth spherical POE soft beads in mild oil-in-water emulsion base that works even on Acne and Acne Scars, instead of using the conventional coarse pumice sand or almond husk grains in harsh strong soap base.

d. 1st to Develop and Manufacture a range of Professional Tailor-make Active Massage Creams and Active Masks using Active Fluids made from herbal extracts for treating skin problems covering blackheads, pigmentation, wrinkles, acne, acne scars and more.

e. 1st to Develop and Manufacture Anti-UV Day Creams, Foundations and Lotions for daily use, when other companies still believed that Anti-UV action is only for sunscreen products for beach applications.

1984: 1st to introduce and conduct Courses for Professional and Character Makeup for stage, TV and movies in Singapore. In a national makeup contest, all four of Dr. Pierre's students who participated came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th positions respectively.

a. 1st to Develop and Manufacture the talk-of-the-town Wondergel, the first safe, convenient and painless Blackhead Removal Gel (now known as Ginseng Exfoliating Gel), which has attracted the attention of more than ten Malaysian and Singapore medias including one popular French Beauty Magazine to write more than 30 articles concerning Dr. Pierre's Wondergel.

b. 1st to export Singapore-made quality herbal skin care products to the USA, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

1993 & 1995: Awarded International Europe Award for Quality.

1997: 1st to export Singapore-made quality herbal skin care products to China, and awarded the International Award for Best Trade Name.

2000: Awarded the highly acclaimed Commercial Prestige Award.

2006: 1st to export Singapore-made quality herbal skin care products to the Middle East.

2008: 1st to export Singapore-made quality herbal skin care products to India, and co-branding with Asia's largest hospital management group who builds hospitals and universities to train dermatologists.

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Recipient of:
Worldcorp The Biz Award 2015


Recipient of:
Worldcorp The Biz Award 2016
Rod and Dr Pierre

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